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Words by Simon Hall



It was that part of winter,
Where it’s dark in the days
And the cold wants to catch you
And burn off your face

Thank god I was nearing
My favorite cafe.
Hot coffee! Yes please!
But there was a man in my way

I have no idea
If I’d seen him before.
You get more attention
When you’re blocking the door.

His hands and face dirty,
He might have been lame.
As I nudged past him
I thought, “That’s a shame.”

And when I came out
I was quick to avoid;
Still he said: “Some change sir?”
I was slightly annoyed.

Again the next day
My cafe thus blockaded,
I uttered a sigh
And then deftly evaded.

The third time he was there
I thought "Fine! You Win!"
I aimed at his jar,
Several coins I threw in.

But right at that moment
A truck blared its horn.
He looked up to see it
And much to my scorn,

He missed my good gesture.
I wanted to say,
Or give him more money,
Then I thought "No Way."

He can think me an asshole,
The hell do I care
Emotional blackmail?
He’s not taking me there!

Whilst marching away then
I found me some clarity:
To stop this stuff happ’ning
They should set up a charity!

The next time I arrived with
Big headphones on head.
I was lost in my tunes,
Could not hear what he said.

I was proud of my acting.
Fin’ly all this could stop.
I had found my technique,
I just needed a prop

"Yet another triumph!" ...
Should have been the next chapter
But oh no I forgot
That damned lightning adapter!

Think quick! Cross the road!
Sidle out of his way!
‘Course he saw me
And said “So no music today?”

That’s all that he said
Didn’t ask for a dime
So I commended myself
For winning this time.

When next I approached
Feeling light as a fly,
He was not out there lurking.
I've no idea why

I looked at his spot
And felt this weird new truth:
I missed him; Well like you might
Miss a bad tooth.

The next day he was there
I knew just what to do.
I said “Don’t go anywhere, uh...buddy.”
I’ve a treat planned for you.”

I emerged from the shop
With a coffee and sandwich.
Said: “Take these my friend.”
Placed them into his hand which

Carefully laid them
On his rug on the ground.
I forced an odd smile said: “Good luck”
And with that I turned ‘round.

I walked my old route,
Feeling like I’d done right.
I could go to sleep feeling
Contented tonight.

Just one little question
Could not shake it off me.
Where was my “Thanks”
For that sandwich and coffee?

I turned back around
Well I just had to see
The ungrateful partaking of gifts
Bought by me!

I rounded the corner
And there he was still
He was halfway through eating
And drinking my meal.

A young man approached
They embraced and then spoke.
I stopped and I watched
As the wind nipped my cloak.

Yes, also a beggar
But in much worse a state.
My friend held what was left out;
The man drank and he ate.

I wanted to call
Hey I’m where that snack’s from!
I’d meant for him to share it
With you all along!

But I didn’t and I hadn’t
Nor did i stay.
And I’ll keep to myself
The events of that day.


from Some Change, released December 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Austin Wintory Los Angeles, California

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