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This is an experiment! I have lots of pet projects that this model makes the most sense for. I also love the idea of an interactive community having fun together, and not trying to be a salesman :)

Let's see what happens, and thank you in advance for diving into this experiment with me!

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Austin Wintory
Los Angeles, California
25% (or more) of the income here is used to support the non-profit Education Through Music - Los Angeles (

Thank you for helping me support this extremely important organization!

Thank you so much for checking out my music. I love exploring ALL kinds of genres so hopefully you'll find something you like.


Robert McGovern
Robert McGovern thumbnail
Robert McGovern I subscribed because Austin's music is consistently great, and while I had bought virtually all the albums previously, some where on sale price, so I wanted to give a little more back. I just wish I could have sub'd for more than I did.
Jamieh thumbnail
Jamieh One of the best and most talented young composers. Always wonderful and fresh ideas.
Matt Seckman
Matt Seckman thumbnail
Matt Seckman I have been a huge fan of Austin's work since I first experienced his music in Journey. The video game community is a better place thanks to this versatile composer and his emotional/evocative music. Now that I've subscribed, I'll never miss a piece of music to add to my growing Austin Wintory collection!!

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