Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

by Austin Wintory

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zenewk I honestly did not expect that a by-the-numbers AAA game such as ACS would come with a soundtrack this marvelous! So much character in every single track.. and the atmosphere... Favorite track: Soothing Syrup.
M. Wahl
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M. Wahl Brings a whole storm of emotions and tears to my eyes and always leaves me considering returning to playing cello. All the easter eggs in the music, and Darling What A Night is one of the best tracks ever, nervous, fast, and sad.
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sebbodes1 After finishing Assassin's Creed: Syndicate yesterday, i felt like i have played a pretty good game, but the game did not paid enough credit to it's own score, written by Austin Wintory, who has done an incredible job to capture the diversity of victorian London in the 19th Century.

I really like the playful mix between the entertaining folk songs and the stereotypical victorian score with Austin's own spin on it. Really appreciated this soundtrack.
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I know, I know. It's complicated, but it's part of my agreement with Ubisoft which allows me to sell the soundtrack here at all. HOWEVER, the Ubisoft record label Ubiloud has uploaded the ENTIRE thing to Youtube here, so please feel free to stream it this way if you're here right now, but on the fence about the album:

Ok, now that we've sorted that out ... let me just say that this game ended up being a very personal project, which you wouldn't necessarily expect from a gigantic AAA franchise. But it's true, and rather than write a huge essay, I refer you to the PDF that comes with the download. In it you'll find liner notes that say everything I would've said here, plus full credits. And pretty artwork.

Nonetheless, I'll say again my deepest thanks to Ubisoft (particularly Audio Director Lydia Andrew and Music Supervisor Christian Pacaud, and Publishing Director Jeremy Blechet) for entrusting their baby to me. It was a true privilege.

One last thing: lyrics for those tracks with singing can be found by clicking on that track itself below.


released October 23, 2015


all rights reserved



Austin Wintory Los Angeles, California

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Thank you for helping me support this extremely important organization!

Thank you so much for checking out my music. I love exploring ALL kinds of genres so hopefully you'll find something you like.
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Track Name: Peace and I Are Strangers Grown
"Peace and I are strangers grown"

- from Act 1, No. 2, song "Ah! Belinda, I am rarest with torment"
Track Name: Give Me The Cure
Give me the cure that the doctor got
Give me a cure that will stick
cause now that i’m seeing through clearer eyes
Old Lambeth is making me sick,
me sick,
Old Lambeth is making me sick!

Give me the Cure
Give me the Cure!

Cut out my throat and then leave me there
to flap like a fish on the deck
Give me the peace that the doctor got
when that devil done opened his neck,
his neck,
when the devil done opened his neck!

Give me the Cure
Give me the Cure
I'd rather be dead
Than clear in my head!

Bundle my wife and my children up
in a sack and stitch tightly the seams
Toss them into the Thames, so their nightmares end
and they drown in watery dreams,
in dreams,
They drown in watery dreams!

Give me the cure Give me the cure
I’d rather be dead than clear in my head!
Let out my blood
in a merciful flood!
Give me the cure!

Give me the cure that the doctor got
oh pluck me away from this pit.
Now he's bathed in light and dressed up in white
And we’re stuck in the mud and the shit,
the shit,
we’re stuck in the mud and the shit.

Give me the cure
Give me the cure!
Track Name: The Late Pearl Attaway
Dear loving friend
Sorry to inform
I will miss our rendezvous

I have been detained
For I am lying dead
On the tiles of Waterloo

Halt the horses!
Still the wheels
I shall move no more today!

Fondest regards
Sincere apologies
From the late Pearl Attaway!

Broken doll
Open eyes
Silent lips of blue

Tangled hair
Bed of blood
On the tiles of Waterloo

Halt the horses!
Still the wheels!
And await this cruel delay!

I am undone
A sudden blade has come
For the late Pearl Attaway!

Halt the horses!
Still the wheels, and await a better day!

Lo! I depart
for a brighter destination
Yours in hope, Pearl Attaway
Track Name: Destructions Our Delight
"Destruction's our delight; delight our greatest sorrow."

- from Act III, No 31, chorus "Destruction's our delight."
Track Name: The Tale of Twopenny
Little boy
Listen, I’ll tell
Little boy
You can do well

Buy and then sell,
Your pockets to swell,
Go straight to hell like Twopenny!

Little boy Follow his lead
Step by step
You could succeed!

Wealth guaranteed!
Never have need!
Lie there and bleed like Twopenny!

His assets were many
His silk purses burst at the seams

Now he’s not got any!
Invested by worms
for infinite terms,
the maggots long squirm in Twopenny!

Men of wealth
Borrow and lend
What dark deal
Brought him his end?

Whose coin did he spend?
Which loyal friend
Drew a dread dividend from Twopenny?

Sea of blood
Watch as he drowns
As he sinks
So goes the pound

Shillings and crowns
Princes and clowns
We all go down with Twopenny!

His goblet now empty
His fine wine is splashed on the stones!

A hero to many
Decays in his vault
Entombed with his gold
Like pharaohs of old, old Twopenny!

Old Philip Twopenny
My son, study closely his tale

Oh sing it again he’s
A turd that’s interred for eternity
Suck on it, old Phillip Twopenny!
Track Name: Too Dreadful a Practice for this Open Air
"In our deep vaulted cell, the charm we'll prepare, too dreadful a practice for this open air

- from Act I, No. 20, chorus "In our deep vaulted cell."
Track Name: Feasting on a Lord
Release the hounds
The chase is underway
Today we bag
A different kind of prey

Hear the bugle call,
we're feasting on a lord today!

If you're highborn
and well moustachioed
you may expect
a gutting in the road!

Hear the bugle call
are you the next to fall?
To quench the killer's sword today?
We're feasting on a lord today!

It seems in England
We have two laws
One for the rich
Another for the poor

But if your bobbies come knocking on our doors
you best prepare
to get a knock on yours!

A hooded guest, you'll greet in your salon
A silver tray he'll serve your carcass on.

Uncork the beaujolais!
O! Watch the scarlet spray!
We'll guzzle and we’ll gorge today!
We're feasting on a lord today!
Track Name: Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire
"Great minds against themselves conspire, and shun the cure they most desire."

- from Act III, No. 35, chorus "Great minds against themselves conspire."
Track Name: Jokes Jokes Jokes
Attend the tale of Maxwell Roth
He sought the footlights like a moth
His sense of timing never off until

He opted to collaborate
With a hooded reprobate
The blighter and assassin made
A deadly double bill

Jokes, Jokes, Jokes!
Make ‘em laugh until they choke
Fairly slay ‘em in the aisles
Maidens fair and and Princes charming

Thrills Thrills Thrills!
Dashing feats and bloody spills
And I guarantee
You’ll never see
The ending coming

The curtain rose, the scene was set
They danced a murderous duet
And much deserving blood was let
Up to

The scene wherein they disagreed
On who should live and who should bleed
And Maxwell Roth he then received
A very bad review

Jokes, Jokes, Jokes!
And there's daggers and there's cloaks
But behind the scenes the leading players
Differ on the plot

Laugh laugh laugh!
At the dandy's new red scarf
Now eight shows a week to Beelzebub
Is his eternal lot!

Jokes, Jokes, Jokes!
Make ‘em laugh until they choke
Fairly slay ‘em in the aisles
Maidens fair and and Princes charming

Thrills Thrills Thrills!
Dashing feats and bloody spills
And I guarantee
You’ll never see
The ending coming
Track Name: Death is Now a Welcome Guest
"Darkness shades me. In they arms, let me rest, Death is now a welcome guest."

- adapted from Act III, No. 36, recitative "Thy Hand Belinda"
Track Name: Underground
Take a look round lively old London
Buzzing crowds we sweat and we revel
Red-cheeked shouts and songs
In the flicker of the gaslight

Eager Blighty bursts from the cobblestones
Racing, climbing blooming fertility
Born from secret seeds
That were scattered in the nighttime

London is fed upon the meat of the dead
They're one shallow inch below the town

Leave them underground

Them that whispered dreams that only poisoned us

Them that told us lies of their bravery
Them that preached of progress, and put us in the poorhouse

Them done horrid murder on bloody stages
Them that loudly crowed their humility
Lords and dames that sung in the chapels on a Sunday

All quiet now.
Their mouths are stopped up by mud.
They lie flung in rags and make no sound.

Leave them underground

Those who fought for something better
Those who taught by how they lived
Loved ones taken long before their work was done

Leave them underground.

Leave them underground.

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